March 14, 2014

Portrait photography: Twig

I don't really photograph professional models.
Somehow started with photographing girls I knew, then clients for portraits and never even tried fashion photography. Well, with my very moderate interest in fashion (I am one of those rare women who don't see shopping as recreation), I never thought I would be any good at photographing clothes, and what's more important, creating the photo shoots.
At the beginning of this year I had an itch to do some portraits though and thought it might be fun to shoot a model. And that's when Twig got in touch with me. Let me just say - that girl is amazing. She's done lots of beautiful fashion and beauty work and, lucky me, was looking for some portraits.
As you can see, we started off with some pictures without any make up, She said ''probably model suicide" but you'll agree with me - no suicide there, just beauty!

March 06, 2014

We got featured!

I'm super (really, SUPER) excited to share the news that a beautiful wedding of Emese and Mark that I had a honour of shooting last year got featured on the super lovely Want That Wedding blog!
I've been keeping these pictures under wraps a little bit but now you can head to the blog and see the photos and read the whole story of this amazing day.

January 15, 2014

Let's try again.. 365 project 2014

Hello, how is your 2014 going? I've been shooting and getting things organised, a lot of pictures coming soon!

Started the 365 project again this year, this time with iPhone, we could start betting how long will it last this time;)
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